Frequently Asked Questions

At DGray Language Services, we've compiled a list of frequently asked customer questions. If you do not find an answer to your question here, send us an email at or contact us at
(1) (270) 526-1710.

QUESTION: How does DGray Language Services charge for its services?
ANSWER: DGray Language Services charges by the job, by the hour, or by the page, depending on the job and the customer’s needs

QUESTION: What forms of payment does DGray Language Services accept?
ANSWER: DGray Language Services accepts corporate checks and PayPal.

QUESTION: What types of documents does DGray Language Services support?
ANSWER: DGray Language Services supports Microsoft Word (.doc and .docx) and PDF. For other types, please inquire.

QUESTION: What editorial standards does DGray Language Services use to edit customer documents?
ANSWER: DGray Language Services uses the customer’s preferred style manual or style sheet. In cases where the customer does not have an editorial standard, we are able to suggest a suitable standard. For other editorial questions, please inquire.


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